Residential Rooftop Solar

The government of India has planned to scale up the development of Grid-Connected Solar Power, under the National Solar Mission. The government of Gujarat has declared a scheme to promote the use of solar energy by the installation of a Solar PV system on rooftop individual residences.

Installation of rooftop solar plant requires no land, and energy is consumed where it is generated; where would be no element of transmission loss or wheeling loss. Therefore, such plants would be in the interest of household saving as well as the betterment of state utilities.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your power bill, increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint without losing the security of the public power grid, then the grid-tie solar system is the solution.

Benefits for residential solar
  • 5 Year Power plant Warranty.
  • 7 Year Inverter Warranty.
  • 25 Year Panel performance Warranty.
  • Get Subsidy up to 40%.
  • You can reduce your electricity bill up to Zero.
  • Zero Running costs & Long Life.
  • One time investment, quick payback, and negligible maintenance.
  • Bank loans also available in easy EMIs.
  • Solar Energy is clean and pollution-free available at your doorstep.
  • No. of Panels: 9
  • Panels capacity: 325 Watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 3.0 KW
  • Output: 4300 KWh/year Avg
  • Area Required: 300 sq.ft. Avg
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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  • No. of Panels: 15
  • Panels capacity: 325 Watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 5.0 KW
  • Output: 7000 KWh/year Avg
  • Area Required: 500 sq.ft. Avg
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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  • No. of Panels: 30
  • Panels capacity: 325 Watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 10.0 KW
  • Output: 14500 KWh/year Avg
  • Area Required: 1000 sq.ft. Avg
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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