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ABSOL ENERGY provides the most efficient solutions for installation and commissioning services for Kilowatt to Megawatt Power Scale Project. For Setting up The solar PV System the Government of India has given various attractive schemes to individuals & organizations. In India, we get over 300 Sunny days in a year, which yields more generation.

Rooftop solar technology has experienced a huge drop in price over the recent years and advanced development in the technology with increased system efficiency has made it an extremely lucrative investment option for schools, colleges, hospitals, ashrams, hotel, malls, warehouses, cold storage, industries, factories, and corporate houses…

Benefits of Commercial | Industrial Solar
  • You can reduce your electricity bill by up to 70%.
  • Running cost & Maintenance very Negligible.
  • One time investment, quick payback, and negligible maintenance.
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits help save taxes and get high return capital investment.
  • Long term free source of energy with the Utilization of empty rooftop and turn it into a powerhouse
  • Smart Inverter Technology Remote online monitoring of the system through its Integrated WiFi for power generations & faults.
  • Adjustable in any kind of load without any change in Wiring can run Air conditioners, Refrigerator, Heavy Motors, etc.
  • Solar Energy is clean and pollution-free available at your doorstep.
  • Reduced carbon emissions and Supports a green business approach.
  • No of Panels: 75
  • Panels capacity: 325 watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 25.0 KW
  • Output: 36500 KWh/Year Avg
  • Area Required: 2500 sq.ft Avg.
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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  • No of Panels: 150
  • Panels capacity: 325 watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 50.0 KW
  • Output: 73,000 KWh/Year Avg
  • Area Required: 5,000 sq.ft Avg.
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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  • No of Panels: 300
  • Panels capacity: 325 watt
  • Inverter Capacity: 100.0 KW
  • Output: 1,46,000 KWh/Year Avg
  • Area Required: 10,000 sq.ft Avg.
  • System Warranty: 5 year

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